You have arrived at a blog that is all about horses with the emphasis being put on horse breeding, what it entails and how important it is. Some of the highlights of the information you are going to find here include the following.

What Makes a Horse Superior

This is a post that is an overview of what a top-quality horse is. It talks about the different types of horses and the various traits that they can possess. It is a good starting point for leading up to the different components of horse breeding.

Tasks of a Horse Breeder

There are many different aspects of horse breeding. The breeders play a critical role in the success of breeding a horse. This post is dedicated to them and just what kinds of responsibilities they are faced with.

Artificial Insemination

There are a couple of posts here that focus on AI when it comes to horse breeding with particular emphasis being put on the use of frozen semen. The information includes the pros and cons of this practice.

Pedigree and Its Importance in Breeding

Anyone interested in breeding their horse is going to want to know at least the basics of pedigrees. The post that we have created here is a good overview of this and outlines the type of information that should be available. There is also an excellent article on breeding basics that is a good starting point to prepare a horse owner for the process.

In addition to this, there is lots more information to be enjoyed here.