Most people will agree that horses are one of the most majestic animals in existence. This is the reason that so many people have a passion for them. However, they, like any animal, do come with some requirements for their care which can be a big responsibility.

Size Factor

Many have chosen the horse as their pet. One of the significant factors about this is their size. This means finding proper housing for them is a bit more of a challenge. However, different breeds come in various sizes, and there are smaller versions such as a pony. This doesn’t make them a house pet; they still need appropriate housing.

Big Appetites

Horses do like to eat, and it is their favourite past time when they are not being used. They need nutritional food such as good quality hay and grain. Then they will munch on what is available in the pasture. If a horse is not exercised regularly, it can become overweight.

Unique Personalities

Some may think that if they go for a specific breed that every horse within that category will have the same personality. Different breeds do have common personality traits within themselves, but these can vary, and there can always be some exceptions. Some breeds are commonly known for being high spirited. Then there are other breeds where they are recognized for a more docile nature. However, every horse has its very own personality.


Horses are quite intelligent, and they never cease to amaze people as to what they are capable of learning. This is evident with the many different types of events that take place where the horses have learned various skills.

They Have Recognition Abilities

The horse is capable of recognizing individuals. This can be seen by their different reactions when people come into their view. For example, watch their reaction when a stranger comes into the barn compared to when their feeder arrives.