Anyone that wants to own a horse usually wants one that is considered to be top quality. Investing in a horse can be a big commitment, and buying a quality horse means they will healthy and possess some important traits. The traits that are desired will depend on what use the horse will be put to.

Types of Horses

There are many different breeds of horses, but they usually come under one of the five main categories, which are:

  • Draft Horse Breeds.
  • Gaited Horse Breeds.
  • Pony Breeds.
  • Light Horse Breed.
  • Warmblood Breed.

Good Traits

No matter what a horse is going to be used for and especially if they are going to be used as the breeding stock, they must possess some good traits. These include:

  • Having a kind disposition.
  • Appears to have a sound mind and body.
  • Has energy and wants to cooperate.
  • A good appearance based on its breed.
  • The ability to learn.

For Breeding Purposes

Only top quality horses should be used for breeding purposes. Aside from the good traits, breeders will also look at the physical qualities of a horse and what their abilities are. For example, a top-quality racing horse may be used for breeding with the hopes that their racing traits will be carried down through the bloodline.

Being in good health and not having any form of a physical defect will be a priority when looking at a top-quality horse. A stallion that is not in good health may not have the stamina for breeding. There is also a risk if the horse is of poor quality, it could pass some of these traits down to their offspring.

The Anatomy

The anatomy of a quality horse is something that will have close attention paid to it. Breeders want the offspring to possess certain characteristics made up from the sire and the dam. The anatomy dictates the conformation of the horse.